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We are excited to announce another partnership between Community Assisting Recovery, Inc and HBA Cares in providing a series of workshops in the Colorado Springs area for survivors of the most recent Black Forest Fire incident. HBA Cares is providing a grant to cover expenses for these meetings and we hope survivors in Colorado Springs can once again benefit from the information we have to offer.

The free seminars will take place starting, Friday July 26 at 6:00 PM with an introductory meeting that will provide general but practical advice for dealing with your insurance company in the early stages of a large claim.

On Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28 we will be having a series of break out sessions that will be organized by insurance company and one for homeowners with partial losses. The location will be at La Foret, 6145 Shoup Rd., Colorado Springs CO 80908

You can see the Meeting section of our website or download detailed scheduling information HERE.

We recognize that Waldo Canyon Fire Survivors are only one year in to their recovery period and many might still have questions about issues surrounding their loss. They might also want to lend moral support to the newest survivors in their community. Waldo Canyon Survivors are welcome to come to any and all meetings, but please be aware that the issues we'll be mainly dealing with are for Black Fire survivors who are early in their claim.

I would like to extend a special invitation to partial loss survivors of the Waldo Canyon Fire to our Partial Loss meeting on July 28 at 3pm. The practical insight you have gained will be of particular interest to Black Fire Survivors with partial losses.

For Waldo Canyon Fire survivors who have made it through the claims process (partial or total losses) I'd especially like information on how you made it through building your "paper house". Please reply to this email to provide feedback.

I look forward to being back in Colorado Springs and introducing another board member, Teri Mitze to everyone. She lost her home in the same fire in 2003 that effected my family (Old Waterman Canyon Fire aka the Old Fire). Then in 2007 she represented CARe in Lake Arrowhead following the Slide and Grass fires that took almost 400 homes, while I was working in the San Diego area on the ~5 fires that took out close to 1,700 homes. She has great insight that we're sure can help many Black Forest Fire Survivors.

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The resources you provided, and the general meetings for fire survivors that CARe sponsored in our area offered incredible amounts of information. The meetings also gave an opportunity to confer and commiserate with other fire victims and to observe how much your services aided them as well. The open forums gave all victims the opportunity to share experiences so that we could measure our own reality based, progress. The one on one personal consultations with you enabled me to address concerns that were specific to our particular circumstances and added a measure of comfort to the overall, very stressful process. Most importantly, is that the great faith my husband and I had in our insurance company proved to be well founded. Your analytical assessment, based on researched knowledge, was a solid ratification of what the company did for us. We had no doubts about the settlement offer and signed it without hesitation and absolutely no looking back. Thank you again.

Witch Creek Fire Survivor, 2007