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Inspirational Quotes

I had somebody say, boy it must be nice to get all new furniture and a new house and its like, well ugh, duh, yeah if you want to go through a tornado to get it.

Ann Dixon, Greenburg KS Resident, Episode 3; Greensburg


After a fire took our home and neighborhood of approximately 200 homes, CARe was able to help us with understanding the process of working with insurance after our loss. The founders of this company understood our position fully, as they have experienced losing their own home to a fire. They will help you by offering one on one consultation, help you calculate your “complete” loss and educate you in the way insurance really works. We were able to gain a more complete recovery of our loss through their integrity and competent ability to help us to understand the insurance industries goals, payments and procedures which are not taught by the insurance industry. If you are unfortunate to have this type of trauma in your life I fully recommend you to get a free consultation before signing anything with your insurance company. You have experienced enough; let CARe guide you through the process, you do not have to lose anything else.

Grass Fire Survivor, 2007