For those of you who are new to disaster recovery, we offer this suggestion regarding public adjusters.

A public adjuster, for a percentage fee up to 33% of your insurance claim, works for you, not the insurance company. A public adjuster is licenses and regulated by your state.

Although a public adjuster will offer to save you the frustration of completing the seemingly endless paperwork required by your adjuster, you still must be 100% involved in the process because only you know your loss. The public adjuster may offer to give you the “inside dope” of the insurance claims settlement process. With the Internet and advocacy groups available, all information you will need to settle your claim is available for free.

During our recent experiences in the 2007 California wildfires, we have seen insurers pay policy limits with minimal paperwork from you. Most fire survivors can handle all the paperwork themselves, particularly with the free disaster recovery resources on hand to help. Why give up a hefty portion of your claim for work and information you will probably do and find yourself?

If you are thinking above hiring a public adjuster, please consider the following [Click HERE for more]