For those of you who are just beginning your personal property inventory here are a few tips

  1. Start now:  The longer you wait, the more you will forget.
  2. If your adjuster gives you an inventory form with several columns of information to fill out about each item, review your policy to determine which are required and which aren’t.
  3. List everything (itemize as much as possible): You will end up with thousands of dollars of items that each cost less than $5. Yes, we mean everything.
  4. Never use the original cost of the item. Always use today’s replacement cost.
  5. For antiques or collectibles, ask an expert to give you a written estimate. Find a dealer who will be sympathetic to your cause and appraise the items from the photographs and your description
  6. Potted plants can be claimed as personal property.
  7. Use catalogues, the internet and gift registries to your advantage.
  8. If you are a member at a warehouse store, ask them for a copy of your purchase history.

For more tips, download: Handout04-PersonalProperty.pdf

Don’t forget about our sample inventory! PPInventory.xls


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