I recieved this notice from a reputable source. I have not discussed this with the author directly, but thought I'd pass on the information in case anyone here wanted to be a part of this project.


I'm a writer, working on a book with a doctor about the collective
impact of natural disasters, mass violence, terrorist threats (and 9/11) on
our mental health. Even people who do not live at the site of the event, he
says, are experiencing anxiety and post-traumatic stress, which emerges in
many ways, including short tempers, road rage and irritability.

I am looking for real people to share their stories. Please get in touch
with me if you have a story. Thank you for allowing me to post here.

Here is my website:

Winnie Yu

Inspirational Quotes

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein


Thanks for all your help and support during the last two years. Everything has worked out very well and we have a new home where there was only rubble two years ago

Slide Fire Survivor, 2007